Useful Tools for Coping With Loss

For those struggling with grief in the wake of losing a loved one, C.M. Humpula Funeral Home recommends several tools to help you and your family deal with grief throughout the mourning period and beyond. We encourage you to use the tools provided below to help you through this difficult process.

These documents have been developed by Sally Grablick, a Midwestern mother who, after the suicide of her 19 year old son, managed to find her way out of the black hole of grief and formulate a plan for recovery. She also wrote a book, The Reason, which offers a hand to hold for those who must walk out of the funeral home, and guides them - intimately - along the sequential journey from heartache to healing. 

It's Called GRIEF: Cliff Notes for the Beginner

This simple “Mourners Guide” was developed to help identify the basic difficulties grief inflicts upon us. Hopefully, this will better equip you to deal with the issues you may find yourself facing during bereavement.

The Classic Symptoms of Grief

This provides insight into a few of the classic symptoms, both physical and mental, that people coping with grief seem to have in common. Anyone dealing with loss should be aware of the fact that our bodies will often react to the mental stresses of bereavement.

Build a Grief "Tool Box"

An extremely valuable resources for those struggling with grief, this brochure shares ideas things other individuals have found to be useful during the grief process. These “things” are referred to as “tools”. Everyone discovers tools on their own – but this list provides a good foundation for your “tool box,” and will
help get you started on the path to recovery.

About Sally Grablick

Sally lost her son to suicide in 2002. Her road to recovery began by reading over 100 books on grief, spirituality, and the afterlife. A seeker by nature, she began formulating a recovery plan by exploring the ideas presented within these books. Knowing her efforts would benefit others, she create the "cliff notes" to grief and has made it her mission to provide comfort and direction to the bereaved. She is a speaker and avid supporter of The Compassionate Friends, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the Survivors of Suicide organizations. Sally is a write for the OPEN TO HOPE Foundation and was recently appointed a Forum Editor on their website.

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